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NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue creates the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury committee, and appoints New York Jets team doctor and rheumatologist Dr. Elliot Pellman as chair, despite lacking any previous experience in brain science. When asked about the issue of concussions in 1994, Pellman tells Newsday. mut 16 coins  We discuss it on the list of things every time we have a league meeting. We think the issue of knees, of drugs and steroids and drinking is a far greater problem, according to the number of incidents.

Two teams means celebrating conference title game victories. But for everyone not named the Broncos or the Panthers, the offseason is underway, and Monday is a time to look at mock drafts to see what people are predicting each team to do in the 2016 NFL Draft. For the Indianapolis Colts, almost everybody has them taking an offensive lineman in the first round of mock drafts, and that continues today. SB Nation’s Dan Kadar has his most recent mock draft up where he has the Colts taking Ohio State offensive tackle Taylor Decker with the 18th overall pick.

That left this collection of quarterbacks for the game: Wilson, the Oakland Raiders’ Derek Carr, the New York Giants’ Eli Manning, the Buffalo Bills’ Tyrod Taylor, the Minnesota Vikings’ Teddy Bridgewater and Winston. There are no sure things in the NFL. For every Patriots dynasty, there are dozens of teams that enjoy one or two years of phenomenal success before fading into the twilight again for a time. And that maxim is particularly true with divisions, where there’s so much turnover, bad luck, and bad decision-making that good divisions rarely stay that way for long.

The offensive line for the Colts still isn’t completely figured out. Decker can play either tackle spot, so that versatility would go a long way in making the fix. A playmaking running back like Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott would be a difference making option, too. The trade down scenario is where things could get interesting. It is nearly impossible to predict a draft-day trade, but it is entirely realistic to think the 49ers could make such a deal. There are a lot of options at the seventh pick, but a modest move back could help the 49ers load up on some day two picks. Hitting on the first round pick is important, but having multiple options in the second and third rounds can be critical in its own right.

I don’t see the 49ers doing a ton of dealing for 2017 picks given that Trent Baalke is likely on the hot seat this year. That’s not to say they won’t make any deals for future picks, but I think they are looking for more significant immediate impact this year. And for those wondering, the 49ers 2017 draft picks include their seven, plus a fifth (Derek Carrier trade), sixth (Vernon Davis trade) and seventh (Andy Lee trade). The NFC South was, for a long time, one of the most competitive divisions in football. There was a new champion every year, there were almost always 2-3 quality football teams, and more than a few #1 seeds in the NFC.

That all started to change in 2013, and for the last three years, the NFC South cranked out just one truly good team, madden 16 coins  the 2015 Carolina Panthers. Again, the timing of the Pro Bowl impacts player attendance when it is held before the Super Bowl. There also isn’t much of a financial incentive to alternates; players only receive contractual bonuses if they are among the originals voted in.

You want to know some tips of the NFL ultimate team

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) and ESPN announced New York Giants Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. nfl 16 coins as the face of Madden NFL 16. Over the past two weeks, fans have voted via Madden Ultimate Team, Madden NFL Mobile and ESPN.com culminating with Beckham being revealed as the victor during a special segment during the 6:00pm ET hour of Sports Center. Beckham joins an exclusive fraternity of cover athletes comprised of some of the greatest NFL playmakers of all time.

Quarterback is the captain of all players who are offensive and is responsible for throwing, handing off and running with the ball. Half Back is a running back who is used during running plays as well as for blocking during passes whereas Full Back is mostly used for blocking and run the ball for less yards whereas the Half Back is used during running plays. Right Guard is an offensive player towards the right who will block passes blitz whereas the Left Guard does the same thing but from the left side. The Left Tackle is more agile than the Left Guard and is use for blocking and the Right Tackle does the same thing but from the right side.

First things first, if you’re not a seasoned Madden veteran it’s strongly recommended that you head straight for the Skills Trainer mode right away. It features a massive 65 different training drills designed to take you through every aspect of the game, from the extreme basics (for those completely new to Madden) to more in-depth formation tutorials. There’s also a section dedicated to everything new in Madden 16 so pros should at least check it out for this alone.

The Tight End is basically an all rounder who can block and pass while a Wide Receiver receives ball thrown by Quarter Back. Center blocks defensive players and makes way for pass blocks and running. For those who have already played previous games in the series, nothing much has changed here. However there are a few additions. The developers have tweaked the old system so that it will be more enjoyable to earn awards and build your dream team. Both Solo Challenges and Sets have received face lifts that will help players relevant information quickly than ever before.

Along with earning cards by completing accomplishments in game (like completing Solo Challenges, winning Draft Champions Games and more), you can also earn new packs by registering with Madden Ultimate Team Rewards, a program that enables you to earn even more cards for your deck. (You can sign up at MUT Rewards) As you earn packs, you’ll add additional rewards. Opening 50 packs, for instance, will get you a Pro Pack; 250 packs opened will unlock an All-Pro pack; and getting to the cherished 1,000 packs opened will earn you Legendary status.

The batch quicksell limit has been increased from 20 to 100 whereas objectives can also cover in-game challenges or winning specific Solo Challenges. Solo Challenges also show game times, locations and more data than before. Players can now create Ultimate Moment “scenario” games which can be a part of the Ultimate Moment in MUT. Once you properly get into things you may want to get stuck into Ultimate Team mode.

However, with so many players in the NFL it could take an extremely long time to mut 16 coins decide which players it’s worth going for in auctions. The new Draft Champions mode helps you out with this by letting you draft a team made of randomly selected, top quality players and challenging you to beat as many teams as possible. Try it a few times and if a particularly player’s style clicks with you, that’s who to save up your Ultimate Team auction coins for.

Something about FIFA transfer market

Anticipate on what the majority of the FUT 16 players will do. The FUT 16 transfer market is build on anticipation and speculations. When new packs are released the speculations are the highest. Days before that many people will buy players who they think will get a upgrade and will be in the packages. nfl 16 coins Try to get the players a few days after that. Firstly because many players will have bet on the wrong players and they will dump their cards and the price drops after it turns out they didn’t get upgraded. Second, the most players that did get the upgrades have been collected and with everyone trying to sell them right after the upgrades there will be a lot of player cards on the market and therefore a big price drop. This is the perfect opportunity to get the favorite players for a much better price.

In professional football, a transfer is the action taken whenever a player under contract moves between clubs. It refers to the transferring of a player’s registration from one association football club to another. In general, the players can only be transferred during a transfer window and according to the rules set by a governing body. Usually some sort of compensation is paid for the player’s rights, which is known as a transfer fee. When a player moves from one club to another, their old contract is terminated and they negotiate a new one with the club they are moving to, unlike in American, Canadian and Australian sports, where teams essentially trade existing player contracts. However, in some cases, transfers can function in a similar manner to player trades, as teams can offer another player on their squad as part of the compensation.

FIFA FUT 16 has a lot of options to earn coins fast on the transfer market and get your favorite players. You just have to find the right strategies to get the Ultimate Team! For any trade on the Transfer Market EA Games will take 5% of the final sale price. This is important to remember when you’re selling players. Only the seller has to pay the 5% tax. Before selling/reselling your player or consumables remember to include a minimum of 5% to the buy now price or sale price. Of course, more than 5% is even better because otherwise you won’t make profit.

This is the perfect opportunity to get many players for a very low price. Here’s how it works. Start the Transfer market and notice the time left of the Transfers. Start scrolling to the last ten minutes (50 min / 59 min left) and search for the players you want to buy. Many times you’ll find a good player with a very low buy now price. Press buy now and put the players on the market again for a higher buy now price. You can also use this trick when you don’t need the players. Just buy players for a low price and sell them for a higher price. Managers are pretty good to trade with.

Especially because people do not know how much they’re worth. mut 16 coins Take a look at the first pages of the Transfer Market. Take a look which managers are popular and remember the prices. Then select the buy now price below the average price and scroll the transfer market pages. Big chance you’ll find the manager for a very low buy now price. Buy the cheapest ones and sell them for a minimum buy now price a equal to the average price.

If you’re almost out of money and you need coins fast, this is a good method for you. Go to the transfer market and select fitness cards (player fitness). select buy now price 200 coins. Buy all the player fitness cards you can. Put the player fitness cards back on the market for the starting price between 250 and 400. This price depends on the market.

Graphically Madden NFL 16 is miles ahead of its predecessor

Having trouble scoring the touchdowns you need to secure victory? Tired of watching your opponents destroy your defense? There’s no getting around it: Madden NFL 16 has a monstrous learning curve. It can leave new players flailing around like Christian Ponder as they are picked off again and again, overwhelmed by the choices at their disposal. So what are the best ways to help you win? Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to improve right away at cheap Madden NFL 16 coins for PS3 that don’t involve mastering rocket catches or memorizing an intricate set of blitz adjustments. Much of it involves simply learning the terminology, the roles of each player on the field, and what to do in certain situations.

This should be rocket science for any football fan, as throwing to a blocked receiver is likely trouble when it comes to the possibility of an interception. However, Madden NFL 16 really means business in this department, since the AI was tweaked with more defensive coverage. You may find yourself flanked by a superior defense if you’re not careful. The best way to go is find a highlighted receiver before the play begins, depending on which one you choose. You’ll be able to see the routes on the play as you’re selecting it, then click in the R3 button if you need to change one of their hot routes. Sometimes this can lead to success, but again, you’ll want to make sure they get open, otherwise you won’t complete the pass.

Remember the basic rule of fighting against the blitz: for every man blitzing, that’s one less they have in the backfield. If his CBs are blitzing, then your WRs are open for a split-second after the play starts. If your enemy is consistently using blitzes, especially from the sides, try passing only a moment after snapping. It’s risky, but he may not expect it. You will need to be able to recognize the blitz immediately, and that takes some practice, but your reaction time will improve every time you play the game. “We give you deeper controls to be more creative,” said Graddy. “At the point of the catch, we built a system to allow our animators to animate that battle between the defender and a wide receiver. They’re very authentic, very exciting. They’re the big ‘wow’ moments you get on Sunday.” As with other sports games, buy Madden NFL 16 coins online is also getting on-screen prompts for players and increased tutorial feedback mechanisms.

The entire CFM interface has also been revamped for a more streamlined look. Now when you log on you’ll see a Things to Do screen which presents all the information from last year’s Actions and Home to one location. The depth chart has also received a major overhaul and there’s now a new Visual Team Depth Chart. You’ll also no longer have to scroll left or right through the Player Card, as the screen now shows the key position attributes for the player and which ones are being affected by Confidence. You’ll also be able to perform key actions like spending XP, viewing goals, and adding to the trade block from the Player Card.

Graphically Madden NFL 16 is miles ahead of its predecessor. You can now have different camera angles on the field, particularly in defence. As well as the usual behind your opponents view, you can now see the action from the back of your defence or even on the shoulder of your selected defender. For a newcomer to the game, this was my preferred view and gives you the feeling of total immersion. The camera for the entire game seems to be moved closer with the IGNITE engine producing the look that was meant to be in Madden 25 instead of the “looking down at an organised array of ants” view we finally got.

Beyond that, I’m concerned that there are some serious balance issues with the confidence mechanic. Much like the hot and cold streaks from previous games, a team with low confidence has a tendency to go into a death spiral from which it is difficult to recover. Given only a few precious hours per week to spend on boosting the team’s development, it’s rarely worth pumping them into confidence when you can instead spend them on earning XP instead. It’s a mechanic that seems to take an especially large toll on young teams, with a few losses making it difficult to withstand a pass rush and complete even basic passes.

It’s not quite a game-breaker, but it was enough to make me want to quit and start a fresh franchise. This is one of those features that seems interesting and realistic, but in reality isn’t a ton of fun to use. Madden NFL has been around for a long time and it’s not easy to bring something fresh and new to the table. EA has no competition and could have easily phoned this game in and would still have raked in the dough. Instead, they opted to create a game that redefines the franchise and will make it even harder to top next year.

Build your ultimate team with your favorite NFL 16 players

Odell Beckham Jr., a young wide receiver for the New York Giants, has just been voted in as cover athlete for Madden NFL 16, beating out more experienced players Patrick Peterson (cornerback, Cardinals), Rob Gronkowski (tight end, Patriots) and Antonio Brown (wide receiver, Steelers). The trailer above, also just released, features all of the contending athletes and a first look at the game in action. Given the long history of cover athletes falling to the so-called “Madden Curse,” does this mean that Beckham’s fledgling career is already doomed?

Ultimately, what Tiburon terms the “First Interactive Experience” isn’t much more than an excuse to teach a few basic mechanics and get you into the mood to play some football, but it’s treated with a verve and a cinematic flair that I haven’t often seen in Madden. Like the most recent edition of NBA 2K’s My Career mode, it tells a story, but without the cheesiness of overly-caffeinated agents and rivals named “Jackson Ellis.” It’s a great little sequence; but unfortunately, Madden NFL 16 coins for sale never takes it any further, which is kind of emblematic of this version as a whole.

While the IGNITE engine plays a significant role in the look and feel of the series, EA Sports uses real NFL action as a catalyst as a guide to the theme of the game. Much like last year, the Seattle Seahawks defense continues to be an important factor in the Madden franchise. One of the most dominant defenses of all-time, EA Sports, in spite of their added focus on offense this year, wanted to continue to refine the defensive game with new gameplay features. This appears to be the primary area where work was completed for Madden 16 and it’s very welcome. Interactions between pass-catchers and defenders, or the lack thereof, became one of the biggest weaknesses for the series as other areas of the game improved in recent years.

Madden 16 Ultimate Team – Build your ultimate team with your favorite NFL coins players from the past and present while dominating the opposition in head-to-head seasons, solo challenges, and more. Earn coins to buy packs through the online store, where you can trade and auction off items on the road to building the Ultimate Team. Engage with the NFL year round thanks to live content and service updates in the fastest growing mode in Madden. The Windows 8 look is here to stay, it seems, which isn’t entirely bad. What was off putting had to be the changes made to some of the menu organization. Specifically, this pertains only to some of the deeper options like Free Agency and Schemes, so it’s not all bad; it’ll just take some getting used to.

When you are playing Madden, your overall goal is to out-think the other player in order to win the game. This all falls down to choosing the right plays, and playing off of your opponents weaknesses. If you are playing an inexperienced player, they will always do similar plays, and typically stick to blitz plays as they think they will sack you every time. Not to mention they do not know the tricks to hide your offensive plays once you are getting into formation. So with that being said, you will have no problem defeating players like this, BUT you can still choose plays when playing good opponents that will allow you to still move up the field, and win games. So I will go through bullets now and talk about ways to beat your opponent.

Do not waste spots with ridiculous cards. Do not list the bronze cards you get in the beginning, unless you are JUST starting out, or extremely desperate for little cash. The best way that you can set yourself up is to sell cards that will guarantee your sale, and will fetch a decent income. Selling silver, and gold cards can fetch decent prices, and will give you extra cash to buy players that match your chemistry. Remember the importance of chemistry. Find players on the auction house that have needs that will best suit you, and then sell your cards that don’t match. Remember most players chemistry will be different, so sell cards that do not benefit you. That is important in the long run, as the better the chemistry on your team the better they will perform.

I will have more information for this guide as time goes on, but wanted to add something for now to help you guys get further in the game. Don’t forget to check out my videos as I will be posting a lot more videos over time, and subscribing would also be great. Also remember to check back for more updates, and check out the many more Madden 13 guides I will be posting. Thanks!

Madden NFL 16 is scheduled to be released August 25

The announcement of Odell Beckham Jr. as the cover athlete for Madden NFL 16 was only one part of the promotional kickoff for Madden NFL 16 this week. Publisher EA Sports also provided the first details on features and improvements for the game and even revealed two special editions for consumers to consider purchasing when it releases Aug. 25. Fresh and dynamic features like thse give EA Sports’ Madden series an edge against its rivals, and it’s without a doubt the most popular, influential, and profitable NFL game on the market. That being said, the cheap Madden NFL 16 coins online does have some stiff competition, especially if rumors about Microsoft and 2K Sports’ football game collaboration turn out to be true.

We can go over the history, but during EA’s run with the exclusivity deal, there’s been some pretty lazy titles. While Madden NFL 16 was a solid chapter in the Madden series, the rest of the Madden games before Madden 16 were decent at best and got the job done as a pro football sim. However, there’s still a lot of work that has to be done in the next-gen chapter of the Madden series, and so far, EA Sports has continued to underachieve.

Coming off a console era where EA’s hockey franchise was one of the sports games most pushing innovation, the NHL series suffered a broken skate on its first shift with new-gen consoles, shipping a product that lacked many features still found in the old-gen games. After getting crosschecked into the boards by reviewers and customers alike, EA Canada is shaking off the woozy effects and jumping back on the ice, hoping the second shift ends with more fanfare. This is what we’ve learned about the game thus far.

Madden NFL 16 is scheduled to be released August 25 and fans all across the country are getting excited. Last year’s Madden did very well in sales, selling over 5 million copies, according to data compiled by VGChartz. With the newest version coming soon, there is no doubt that it will surpass the number of sales from last year. So what’s new in Madden? In an interview with The Examiner, EA Sports revealed that it is focusing on the visuals of the game. This year, EA Sports Ignite will change the way you will see Madden. Rex Dickerson, creative director of Madden 16 stated.

But in the EA demo area, they were showcasing the new mode Draft Champions. In this new mode, players can play head to head or against the computer using a team drafted by you from a pool of players. Capturing the idea of Fantasy Football, Madden NFL 16 coins allows fans to draft a team using 15 rounds of randomly generated players. First starting with a coach and then filling out your team. As an EA representative said, you may have to sacrifice one area of your team to build up another and that’s just one of the many decisions you have to make during the draft.

Receiver/Defender Controls – Dictate the outcome of each passing play while the ball is in the air for the first time ever in Madden. For receivers, go for the highlight reel with the ‘aggressive’ catch or move the chains with the ‘possession catch’. On defense, disrupt the outcome of each play using the new ‘play ball’ and ‘hit receiver’ mechanics. Receivers and defenders deliver the most authentic exchanges to date with new press and zone-chuck interactions, contextual hand-fighting, and a variety of 2-man interactions at the catch point including pass interference penalties, tip balls, knock outs and simultaneous possession catches.

Unfortunately, my opponent’s wide receivers were the focal point of his team and with the added capabilities they have in Madden 16 they went to work on my secondary and scored the victory. The number of outrageous catches my opponent’s wide receivers made was mind boggling and will go into it more in-depth when the game comes out. But while I may have been defeated, Draft Champions mode was a fun way to become a GM, coach and owner at the same time. It takes owning a fantasy football team to a new level and will revolutionize how sports games are played down the line.

Madden 16 players will be able to choose from three different catch types

With an entire summer for fans of Madden to wait for the Aug. 25 release date of this year’s edition to the Madden franchise, EA Sports is slowly giving out details about its new game. This time, EA Sports is showing how Madden 16’s Connected Franchise mode differs from last year’s game and how the Confidence meter has changed. EA Sports and the people behind Madden 16 are emphasizing getting players playing as quickly as possible.

There are both team-oriented goals and individual ones. Remember, there’s no “I” in Team but there is an “M” and an “E.” A rookie running back tearing up the league might get the “Breakout Running Back” goal. A runner who has been stuck in neutral will have goals too, more modest in nature. Your coach will politely ask you to not stink up the place with goals such as not fumbling or actually getting first downs. A player’s confidence will fluctuate depending on well they meet these goals.

Other sports games, most notably the NBA 2K series and Sony Playstation’s exclusive MLB The Show series have constantly set the bar higher in sports video games.  The game itself hasn’t changed, considering the sport itself doesn’t really change, however they both come up with new, innovative or unique features, even if they are just small ones that keep the players coming back for more year after year. Place the ball where only your receiver can get it with body-relative throws including high-point, low-point, back-shoulder, and the ever-popular touch pass. Become the ultimate dual-threat and terrorize defenses with new pressure avoidance and QB scramble controls.

What the post fails to mention is the notorious Madden Curse that has befallen nearly every cover athlete of the venerable football series since 1999. Of the 19 players to be featured on the cover of Madden NFL prior to this year, 18 have had troubled seasons following their stint on the cover (cataloged here), many being taken out of the game by injury shortly thereafter. The curse started in 1999 with 49ers running back Garrison Hearst, who broke his ankle soon after being featured on the cover. Most recently, Seahawks corner-back Richard Sherman  tore a ligament in his elbow during the NFC Championship game.

Still, Madden remains one of the biggest games in the world, and over the years its gridiron simulation has only gotten more and more realistic; last year, Madden NFL 15 correctly predicted the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX, right down to the final score. The Madden games are so popular that fans even go nuts for the game’s cover; keeping with tradition, fans voted the New York Giants’ wide receiver, Odell Beckham, Jr, as this year’s cover star. Scouting Points unlock a player’s top three attributes, with the third unlock providing their true draft value. This true draft value will help teams find “Diamonds” and “Overvalued” players in the draft class.”

“Seattle’s defense inspired many of the defensive changes in Madden NFL 16,” Dickson said. “The playoffs were also a big factor, as the high number of ‘shot plays’ that ended in dramatic outcomes was an undeniable fit for our multiplayer catch interactions. Finally, Coach Madden informed us of the new extra point rule changes coming this year and we quickly implemented them into the game.” In the game itself, EA Tiburon has tweaked passing options for quarterbacks as well as receiver options. The QB can decide to loft a pass to let his receiver get under it, or fire off a bullet.

And Madden 16 players will be able to choose from three different catch types, with each one suited to particular types of situations. Receivers can elect to attempt a stylish aggressive catch or a safer but less flashy possession catch, for example. New animations have been added for the moment receivers catch the ball and best their opponents. AI receivers and defensive backs are more likely to react to one another’s movements and decisions, part of EA Sports’ attempts to smarten up its virtual players using the vaunted Ignite engine.

EA planned to give users diversity of options to pick as per their predilection and prerequisite, but it seems this move has put Madden fans into confusion – which one to choose or both. There are many mystifications between the Deluxe and standard edition, what are their highlights and price that makes them poles apart. Just like the rumors of its releasing date, stories about its similarities and dissimilarities are soaring among fans. Some says both are unchanged, and many disagree to that.

Madden 16 is the ultimate NFL video game experience

John White, one of Madden 16’s designers wrote the in-depth analysis of the Connected Franchise mode over at EA Sports’ website. And he says that everything this year’s Connected Franchise mode has is “done thinking about our players first, and all these new features came directly from community feedback and play-test sessions.” The first changes come with the introduction to the Connected Franchise mode in Madden 16. As mentioned before, this year is about getting players playing as quickly as possible. And this is achieved in Madden 16 by having the introduction process streamlined to three steps.


The journey of a thousand miles, or at least 2,000 rushing yards, begins with a single step. While playing Madden NFL 16 Connected Careers, each new drive will have its own goal. These will give you more XP to upgrade your players. Now you’ll have a few more decisions to make out there. Maybe you have a passing play that your opponent can’t stop, but your running back will get some much need XP for a touchdown. What’s the call, coach? “Madden NFL 16” had to be “hot.” Like Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover hot. With the extra attention paid to the smaller things and a continued focus on player models, EA promises “Madden NFL 16” will be one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?


As the 2015 NFL Draft approaches, it’s expected that EA Sports will debut the first trailer or teaser for Madden NFL 16, much like they have in the previous years. With the NFL schedule out and the new class of rookies set to come in, it’s time we started looking ahead to August as well, when Madden 16 hits the shelves. Beckham, picked out of LSU in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, has had an explosive rookie season. In just twelve games he ran over 1,300 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. He does not seem to be worried about the curse cutting his promising career short, however, citing his faith as a shield.


Skepticism aside, the new stills support EA Sports’ claims that Madden 16 is the ultimate NFL video game experience. The screenshots demonstrate new two-man interactions, such as wide receivers and defensive backs shoving off of each other, as well as improved time of day and lighting that ensures that digital athletes’ likenesses remain pristine and naturalistic. The screenshots also give fans a their first look at improvements to the on-the-field cameras, and show off new gameplay elements, like quarterbacks’ new ability to place the ball where their teammates can catch it with body-relative throws.


Whether penalties should be reflected more realistically in Madden has been a popular debate among fans over the years. If executed well, due to risk-reward elements, it could really enhance the experience and satisfaction of how games play out. If they seem just random, however, there will likely be backlash towards it. Integrated Broadcast Graphics – Your playmaker highlight reel has arrived with new player spotlights, dynamic goals and achievements, and innovative on-the-field cameras bringing you closer to the game than ever before. Making plays has never been this much fun and rewarding!


Other more subtle changes include Confidence and Owner Mode Finance tuning. EA has adjusted the ratings per position that can go up or down, and how confidence impacts them. A new Game Prep activity has been added to preseason which will also allow you to improve low confidence before the season begins. And lastly, the amount of time each team has in Game Prep every week has been increased. For the financial side of things, small-market teams in older stadiums will have more money to spend in the offseason every year.


EA Sports’ Ultimate Team, the fantasy team mode with virtual trading cards that’s available in most of the publisher’s games, is phenomenally popular – as is fantasy football. This year, Madden NFL 16 developer EA Tiburon is bringing fantasy football into Madden, in a way, with a new mode called Draft Champions. “Fantasy sports and football go hand in hand,” said Seann Graddy, senior producer on Madden 16, in an interview with Polygon. “People just love to draft. They like to get together in a room and pick their team. They think they have more insight about a certain player. We thought about how we could bring the draft experience into Madden.”